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Scout Wins AFWERX Contract for Space Domain Awareness

Scout standalone software. Picture: scout

The United States Air Force The award-winning AFWERX startup program SCOUT area a contract to advance knowledge of the space domain.

Under the contract announced July 21, the Air Force Research Laboratory Intelligence Systems Division (AFRL/RIE) and Space Operations Command (SpOC) Delta 2 will work with SCOUT to advance the Space Development Agency’s metric observation tasks and catalog augmentation using space sensing. This is a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract.

SCOUT has developed an orbital distributed sensor network to help spacecraft understand the things around them. Under this contract, the company will demonstrate the development of a data protocol and integration platform. Sergio Gallucci, co-founder and CTO, said the company was “proving different operational concepts for SDA that were not feasible until now.”

“We have gaps in our SDA business and we are always looking for new capabilities to fill those gaps,” said Col. Marc Brock, commander of Space Force Delta 2. The commercial analytical products and services generated have the potential to become essential enablers for the mission of Delta 2.”