Domain range

RAFAEL and DIEHL Defense strengthen their cooperation in the air-ground field

In light of the growing security threats in Europe, DIEHL Defense and RAFAEL have announced that they are strengthening their partnership by introducing the recently unveiled SPICE 250 ER for the first time, alongside the SPICE 250 glider as a system to be manufactured in Germany by DIEHL Defense.

SPICE 250 is the smallest of the SPICE family, which includes the SPICE 250, SPICE 1000 and SPICE 2000. SPICE is a ranged air-to-ground weapon system that strikes targets with pinpoint accuracy and at attack volumes high, independent of GPS, by applying scene matching algorithms. SPICE is combat proven and in service with the IAF and with a number of international customers.

The SPICE 250 ER retains the same features as the SPICE 250, incorporating a small turbojet engine to provide substantial range extension, allowing stand-off range for the modern dynamic battlefield and new advanced SAM threats, while retaining the same mission planning system, aircraft interfaces and crew operation. This combines the advantages of both variants (gliding and propelled) while considerably reducing the integration effort.

The SPICE 250 and ER variant offer a unique range of homing modes that maximize mission success rate while minimizing collateral damage. They also incorporate a network-enabled digital data link that enables Human-in-the-Loop capability, mission abort command, and BDI.

The combination of an increased loadout of SPICE 250 variants, unique homing methods for various scenarios, and extended range enables high volume and precise strike capability against multiple target types at a reduced cost.