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Namecheap wants to make domain auction effortless

Popular domain registrar (opens in a new tab) Namecheap has launched new engagement features on its platform dedicated to internal auctions and “Buy it now” domain name listings.

Similar to Facebook or Instagram Live, the Namecheap Market platform now allows users to comment on live auctions, discuss “Buy It Now” listings, or share their thoughts on any domain names for sale.

As good as live chat (opens in a new tab) feature, Namecheap Market offers investors and domain entrepreneurs the ability to monitor their favorite listings in real time through its new mobile notification system.

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Namecheap (opens in a new tab) says its goal is to provide engagement and collaboration tools to continue to better serve and grow the community and keep its customers informed of the auctions and announcements that matter most to them.

A company spokesperson said Tech Radar Pro that when the Namecheap Market platform was launched in November 2021, the goal was not only to create a transparent way to find and buy high-value domain names, but also to offer the community of entrepreneurs and domain investors a better way to engage, share and communicate with each other.

“Engagement features and real-time notifications for Buy It Now listings and auctions have always been part of Namecheap’s New Marketplace product roadmap, so we’re excited to finally unveil these new communication and to be the first domain name marketplace to offer them,” added the spokesperson.

Namecheap organizes auction domains into categories such as popular domains, discounted closing price domains, .xyz domains, SEO-optimized domains, among others. The “Buy Now” section allows its users to skip the bidding process altogether.

Namecheap supports over 1,500 top-level domains (TLDs), as well as Web hosting (opens in a new tab) additional services and services such as SSL certificates (opens in a new tab), CDN (opens in a new tab) and vpn (opens in a new tab).

  • Namecheap’s website builder is a cPanel tool that allows you to create a site using a drag-and-drop editor