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Celebrus Confirms Cross-Domain Continuity Feature in Latest Update

Famousthe UK-based anti-fraud and client solutions provider, has updated its technology suite with cross-domain continuity, allowing businesses to consolidate information across multiple owned domains using first-party cookies.

The newly launched Celebrus 9.6 allows users to maintain unified session data and context, including identity, when visiting domains owned by the same parent company.

The need to consolidate consumer information is an obstacle that many businesses must strive to overcome, especially when operating on multiple domain names.

Failure to do so could significantly compromise both customer experience and business security.

To offer a solution to this industry dilemma, the fraud solutions provider has created a solution that applies to all industry digital data services, including financial services.

Celebrus customers in banking and finance, insurance, healthcare, retail and travel are expected to benefit from the launch of this solution.

A parent company can offer auto loans, mortgages, savings accounts, or investment options in different areas, and now there’s a way to connect a single user’s identity and actions on all these while remaining consistent with their data.

Bill Bruno

“It has never been more important and more challenging to maintain a single customer view of your digital presence in a compliant manner,” comments Bill Bruno, the CEO of the company.

Describing the update as a “game changer”, Bruno adds that Celebrus 9.6 will be “[solve] for cross-domain data continuity while remaining fully compliant,” helping companies overcome “the challenge of building a complete customer profile and understanding their intent.”

Celebrus is the only product on the market with the aptitude at solve those data difference. In response to a desire to expand data capabilities, Celebrus was acquired by the parent data management company, D4t4 Solutionsin 2015.

“We knew there was a huge gap for many data users with the third partyobsolescence of party cookies, and we define go out for create a solution something that hadn’t been done yet,” added CTO, Phillips ant.

The launch of the new solution completes the identity graph of Celebrusa feature of business customer data and d fraudata platforms that retain individual identity to capture clickstream data, from personally identifiable information (PII) to engagement across multiple sessions, platforms and now, across areas.

Famous product versions include updates in four key areas: advancements in design and user experience, globally compliant Securitysystems activations and requests, and improved overview of data and results.