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Research Finds Organizations With Strong Domain Security Better Protected Against Phishing Attacks

New York, NY (December 8, 2021) – SecurityScorecard, a global leader in cybersecurity assessments, and CSC, a global leader in domain security solutions, published a comprehensive study detailing the impacts of choosing a domain registrar organization on their overall security assessments.

As detailed in a joint white paper with CSC, SecurityScorecard analyzed the security ratings of 50,000 of the most followed companies on their platform. Research shows that companies that select Enterprise Class Registrars (ECRs) for domain management have a total score that is on average half to a full letter higher than those using a quality domain registrar. general public (CGR).

In the analysis, this is the difference between an overall score of “C” versus a “B” or “A”. Additionally, CSC domain security research has shown that 57% of Global 2000 companies rely on RMCs, validating the need to prioritize domain and DNS security with a trusted enterprise-class domain registrar. .

Many phishing attacks occur from a malicious, confusing, registered domain name, a compromised or hacked legitimate domain name, or email spoofing. Engaging with an enterprise-class domain registrar helps organizations defend against these risks as they focus on cybersecurity and IP protection with an emphasis on domain security through advanced tools and services.

“This research confirms the critical need for domain security measures to become a standard part of cybersecurity policies and cyber insurance underwriting guidelines to deal with complex cyber attacks,” said Aleksandr Yampolskiy, co-founder and CEO of SecurityScorecard. “Businesses can take proactive steps to stem phishing attacks at their source, identifying cyber risks and potential breaches before they happen. It starts with selecting an enterprise class domain registrar.

The continued proliferation of phishing, ransomware, and other security concerns resulting from remote work policies has made choosing a reputable domain name registrar a vital decision for any organization. This research demonstrates that using an enterprise-class registrar that prioritizes security, data governance, and global support is critical to protecting an organization’s brand and the security of individuals. clients.

“CSC has partnered with SecurityScorecard as part of this important research to educate organizations about the level of risk they are exposed to when selecting consumer domain registrars versus enterprise registrars. Said Mark Calandra, president of CSC’s Digital Brand Services division. “It is clear that not all domain registrars are created equal or offer the same level of cybersecurity risk management and mitigation. If a business does not invest in domain security measures, it remains an easier target for cyber attacks, which puts itself, partners, and customers at considerable risk. ”

To view the joint white paper and for more information on domain security measures, please click here.

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