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PIR acquires 4 charitable top-level domains and announces RFP for RSP contract – domain name wire

The non-profit organization expands its TLD portfolio and announces tender for backend registry services.

Public Interest Registry (PIR), the organization that manages the .org, acquired four top-level domain names in two transactions.

First, the association acquired .giving from Giving Limited.

Second, the organization “becomes the steward” of three of Donuts’ top-level domains. Donuts will transfer .foundation, .charity and .gives to PIR, and the two organizations will team up to bring them back to market.

PIR should be able to better market these areas as it has a particular focus on (and relates to) nonprofits and charities.

.Giving has not yet been launched. .Foundation has had some success, with around 20,000 registrations. .Charity and .Gives have around 2,000 to 3,000 listings. It appears that .charity is underperforming compared to what it should be.

Reading between the lines, it looks like Donuts is transferring ownership of these top level domains for nothing up front, and PIR will then do some sort of ongoing revenue sharing or partner payments.

Through its acquisition of Afilias, Donuts provides core registry services for PIR domains, including a very lucrative Registry Service Provider (RSP) contract to run .org. Donuts earns around $ 18 million per year from the contract. PIR has announced that the contract will be auctioned off in the second half of 2023. That’s the Donuts contract to lose.

Additionally, PIR has announced its intention to separate two of its other TLDs, .NGO and .ONG, so that organizations do not have to register both domains.