Domain services

NOAA publishes call for tenders for IDIQ in the ProTech 2.0 satellite domain

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has issued a call for tenders for a 10-year renewal contract for professional, technical and scientific services focused on the satellite field.

The ProTech 2.0 Satellite Domain is a multi-award, indeterminate delivery / indeterminate quantity contract reserved for small businesses and has a base term of five years and an option period of five years, according to a call for proposals released Thursday.

NOAA’s National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service is the primary customer of the contract vehicle and focuses on providing rapid access to environmental data derived from satellites and other sources to assist to protect and improve the economy, environment, safety and quality of life of the United States. NESDIS purchases and oversees the country’s operational environmental satellites and provides data and information services, among other functions.

ProTech is a suite of multi-award IDIQ contracts covering the areas of satellites, oceans, fisheries and weather. The ceiling for all orders in these four areas is $ 8 billion.

The first iteration of the ProTech Satellite contract was awarded in 2017 to 18 small companies and five large companies.

The elements of professional services under the IDIQ contract of the ProTech 2.0 satellite domain are program and project management, commercial and communication services, while the elements of technical and scientific services of the vehicle are the architecture of the systems and the science and engineering, according to the statement of work.

The services to be provided under the contract will support multiple US locations and other locations around the world.

Responses to the solicitation are expected on January 6.