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How to know who owns a domain

Have you ever been curious about who owns a specific domain name? Maybe it’s because the domain you want is already taken and you would like to buy it from them. Maybe you want to know who owns a website you’ve visited, or you want to know where an email address came from. There are several ways to find out who owns an area that interests you, regardless of the circumstances.

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What is a domain name?

A domain name is an address at which a website is accessible. They are used in place of IP addresses to make it easier for users to identify a website without having to remember a long string of numbers.

Each domain name must be distinct and no two domains can be the same. Before you can use a domain name, you must first register it. If you want to register a domain but it’s already taken, you can try buying it from the current owner.

Simply put, Mozilla describes the domain as a key part of the Internet infrastructure. They provide a human readable address for any web server available on the Internet.

A public IP address, either an IPv4 address (for example or an IPv6 address, can be used to connect to any computer connected to the Internet (for example, 2027: 0da8: 8b73: 0000: 0000: 8a2e: 0370: 1337).

Computers can easily manage such addresses, but people have a hard time figuring out who is running the server or what services the website provides. IP addresses are difficult to remember and are subject to change.

To solve all these problems, we use domain names, which are human readable addresses.

Who owns a domain name?

You cannot “buy” a domain name. This is done so that unused domain names can eventually be used by someone else. If every domain name was purchased, the internet would quickly be clogged with unused and locked down domain names that no one could use.

Instead, you pay a one-time or multi-year fee for the right to use a domain name. You can renew your entitlement, and your renewal will take precedence over the requests of others. However, the domain name never belongs to you.

Domain name registries are managed by companies called registrars, which keep track of the technical and administrative information that links you to your domain name.

A registrar may not be responsible for tracking certain domain names. Amazon, for example, manages all domain names ending in .fire.

How to find a domain name owner

Go to the website of a domain name registrar. Most of them offer a “whois” service that tells you if a domain name is available.

We may also use The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

To get started, open your browser and navigate to I CAN.


Now in the search box enter the domain name you want to search for.

Click on “Search” and the search will begin.

The domain registration date, registry expiration, owner name and mailing address will now be displayed.