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Domaine Emmet – OpEd – Eurasia Review

As Julie Kelly explains, on January 6, the accused Robert Geiswein was indicted by a federal grand jury a week after his arrest and “has since been behind bars, denied bail as he was arrested. Judge Emmet Sullivan postponed his trial at many times. This tactic is predictable coming from the judge who handled the case of General Michael Flynn.

President Trump’s choice for national security adviser was a veteran of the Defense Intelligence Agency, so he knew what had happened in Libya and other places under Hillary Clinton and the composite character depicted by David Garrow in Rising star: the making of Barack Obama. President Obama’s Deep State Squad Departing “unmasked “Flynn, exposing the general to surveillance, and FBI boss James Comey dispatched agents to set a perjury trap.

This led to charges of lying to the FBI, which is not the same as perjury. The establishment media assumed that Flynn was guilty, a tool of Russia, a traitor, etc. The case ended in a federal judge Emmet G. Sullivan, a person appointed in 1991 by George HW Bush to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. In 1994, President Bill Clinton appointed Sullivan to the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.

As it turned out, the FBI agents weren’t sure if their job was to fire Flynn or to trap him in a lie. When this misconduct and others were finally exposed, the Justice Department dropped the case against Flynn. Justice Sullivan opposed the termination and appointed Former Federal Judge John Gleeson, another choice by Clinton in 1994, to say the Justice Department’s decision to drop the case was inappropriate. Gleeson accused the Justice Department of “corrupt and politically motivated dismissalWhich constituted a “flagrant abuse of the power to prosecute”.

Gleeson threatened to have Flynn charged with criminal contempt on the grounds that, if he is now claiming his innocence, he must have committed perjury when he pleaded guilty. Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, appealed and a three-judge panel ruled in favor of Flynn. The United States Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit dismissed Flynn’s termination request and voted 8-2 to send the case back to Judge Sullivan.

Flynn’s lawyers then documents filed with the court showing that FBI agents knew the case was bogus. As one wrote, “If this thing becomes FOIA, tough questions are going to be asked.” Flynn’s attorneys again demanded dismissal, which Sullivan again denied. Sullivan was not disqualified and did not recuse himself. Judge Clinton duly postponed the case after the November election, but before he could render a ruling President Trump granted Flynn full forgiveness.

Joe Biden, one of the many Democrats who exposed Flynn, will not grant pardon to the January 6 defendants. Sullivan is the perfect judge to pursue the Biden regime’s bogus case against them. Judge Obama too Tanya chutkan, who calls January 6 an “unprecedented attempt to prevent the legal transfer of power” – which it was not, not even close.

Chutkan dealt with the case of Imran Awan, the Pakistani computer scientist who ransacked the computers of Democrats in the House of Intelligence and Foreign Affairs committees. Awan and his team hid the data on a server controlled by then-US representative Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.), Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus. The Capitol Police wanted a copy of the server, but the one Awan produced turned out to be a fake.

Former head of the DNC, Representative Debbie wasserman schultz (D-Fla.) Accused Awan of coming under scrutiny because of his religious faith and that “the fringe of the right-wing media circus” jumped to conclusions. Awan’s lawyer Chris gowen, a former Bill and Hillary Clinton aide, accused Awan’s arrest for bank fraud “clearly of a right-wing media lawsuit by a United States attorney’s office that wants to prosecute people for working while ‘they were Muslims’.

In August 2018, Chutkan sentenced Awan to time served, which was equivalent to one day of detention, 11 months of GPS surveillance and three months of surveillance. Awan was never formally charged with unauthorized possession of government material and would soon be getting his reward. As the New York Times reported on November 25, 2020, “Congress grants $ 850,000 to targeted Muslim aid workers in Trump-fueled survey. “It was a parody within a parody shrouded in a sham.

Chutkan pardoned Awan, and Sullivan persecuted Flynn. Indeed, the two judges are zampolites, political commissioners working for the Biden regime. Chutkan and Sullivan are the ideal choices to persecute the January 6 defendants who are, as Julie Kelly notes, presumed guilty, behind bars and deprived of bail.

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