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Domain Investor Brings More Than $ 100,000 In Income In The First Year

Domain investing is a tough business. Building an investment portfolio in one area takes a lot of time and money, and success is not guaranteed. Investing in a field can be a lucrative business, but the learning curve is quite steep for most people.

This morning I saw a tweet from a certain Tony that reported six figures for domain name sales:

I don’t know Tony, but looking through his timeline I can see that he has shared many sales as well as pictures of the sales emails he has received. Some of the domain names it has reportedly sold recently include:

  • ExPay.CO
  • Utron.CO
  • Maktoub.CO

I only say “apparently” because I have not independently confirmed the sales or sales figures.

From what Tony has shared, it appears he uses multiple platforms to do business including Afternic,, Sedo, SquadHelp, and others. The bulk of Tony’s sales are done on Afternic. From what I can see, he values ​​his names between $ 1,988 and $ 4,995. I’m not sure the size of Tony’s wallet.

If you’re looking for inspiration from Tony, here are some tips he shared on investing in domains:

Congratulations to Tony on his success.