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Confident to face any threat in India’s maritime domain – Jammu Kashmir Latest news | Tourism

NEW DELHI, December 3:
The Indian Navy has full confidence in defending India’s maritime interests and is proceeding with the acquisition of platforms given the possible security challenges facing the country, the Navy Chief Admiral said on Friday. R Hari Kumar.
Speaking to a press conference, he also said details of the proposed maritime command were being worked out and said its basic structure could emerge by next year.
The navy chief also said that work was underway to expand the role of women in various spheres of the overall functioning of the Indian Navy.
Admiral Kumar said the Indian Navy was monitoring China’s forays into the Indian Ocean, saying the country’s activities were being closely watched.
He said COVID-19 and the situation along the northern borders have increased complexities around national security.
At the same time, he said the Indian Navy is fully prepared to deal with any security concerns.
“I want to assure the nation that the Indian Navy is ready to face any security issue,” he said.
“We are fully confident in the defense of India’s maritime interests,” he added.
The Navy chief said despite COVID-19, his force maintained combat readiness. (PTI)

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