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Commission recommended to reject eminent domain claim | State and region

The Raleigh County commission will vote on rejecting a prominent domain claim at its next meeting at 10 a.m. on December 21.

Raleigh County Commission Attorney Bill Roop said he is recommending that the commission reject his claim to eminent domain of property owned by Shauntell and Michael Durgan at Glen Morgan on the 19th in the United States.

The county plans to use the property as part of its “Gateway Project,” which aims to improve the appearance of entrances to Beckley and Raleigh counties.

Michael Durgan said he was relieved to learn that the commission was finally doing the right thing after attempting to pass the property through a prominent estate “in a case that did not warrant it.”

The county previously offered the Durgan $ 1,000 for the 0.2 acre property. A previous article in The-Register-Herald incorrectly stated that the area of ​​the property was 1.2 acres.

“I’m glad they didn’t try to drag me out (of the property) unfairly by train,” said Michael Durgan.

Michael Durgan said he believed the county had no choice but to deny his request.

“They knew they were wrong from the start,” he said.

Roop said the commission recently hired an appraiser to examine the property that came back with an appraised value of $ 9,000.

Roop said he was recommending that the commission drop the request because the family informed the county that they were ready to make more money by selling the property on their own.

“We’re doing what’s best for them,” Roop said. “When you start to go over appraised, sometimes you have to say, ‘You know what, we’ll let them sell their property and make the profit and it’s good for them and we’ll move on.’ “

The Durgan’s, with help from their realtor Brian Brown, have been challenging the commission’s eminent domain claim since learning about it in September after a Raleigh County Circuit Court judge had already approved the transfer of ownership to the commission in August.

Brown, who quoted the Durgan property’s price in May at around $ 59,900, said he had received offers on the property that were more than double the estimated value of the commission received and he hopes the commission will follow the dismissal.

“Working through local government organizations before, I’ve been made promises that never came to fruition,” he said. “So I will wait thoughtfully for the result. I learned not to celebrate a victory too early.