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Silentium Defense is the pioneer of space technology

Silentium’s Maverick S-series radar system in Woomera. Through Nigel pittaway October 30, 2021 Adelaide’s small and medium-sized business, Silentium Defense, is developing cutting-edge technology that promises to revolutionize the way objects in space are monitored from Earth. The company is a pioneer in the development of passive radar technology, which uses reflected radio energy already […]

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New Stricter Rules for Domain Name Registration in Denmark – Intellectual Property

Denmark: New, stricter rules for domain name registration in Denmark To print this article, simply register or connect to On September 6, 2021, Denmark introduced new, stricter rules for registrants of “.dk” domain names. If the domain name holders do not keep their contact details up to date, all domain names of holders risk […]

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Oyster Bay unanimously votes to seize private golf club by prominent estate

Oyster Bay City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to seize the private Peninsula Golf Club in East Massapequa as a prominent estate. Using a prominent estate to expand the city’s park system creates potential legal challenges. City supervisor Joseph Saladino declined to be interviewed on Tuesday, but city councilor Steven Labriola said during the July […]

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FiveSys Domain Malware uses Microsoft WHQL signature for legitimacy

Threat actors often look for ways to legitimize their cyber attacks. By that I mean they are looking for ways to make their malware genuine to deceive unwitting victims. If there can be an ounce of legitimacy in malware, it has a better chance of cheating people. This is why the new “FiveSys” malware is […]

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Companies that do not protect domain registrations

Despite an increase in registrations of dangerous third-party domains, domain security is an underused security tactic that can help curb phishing and associated ransomware attacks, according to the CSC Domain Security Report focused on the world’s largest companies. The study found that the majority of companies in the Global 2000 lag behind in adopting domain […]

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KiCad team issues domain name warning

October 19, [Seth_h] of the KiCad project posted on the KiCad forums as the original domain name of the project was unexpectedly sold to a third party, and urged community members to avoid any link to this old website. KiCad used the domain since 2012 as the official source of information and downloads […]

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Domain-driven design with value-added services and domain gateways at SoundCloud

Two articles were recently published to describe the evolution of SoundCloud’s service architecture towards implementation of domain gateways, with a stop at Value-added services on my way. The authors describe how these domain-driven design-based models have helped reduce duplication and standardize business and authorization logic. A value-added service is a service responsible for providing aggregated […]

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EU legislation introduced to ban anonymous domain registration

The European Union is drafting legislation that may soon end individuals registering domains anonymously on the continent. When an Internet domain is registered, a registrar collects information such as the buyer’s name, address, email address, and phone number. However, this information is not verified to be correct and may contain false information. The new EU […]

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Offer Alert: is currently offering 25% off Sitewide

Building your own business website can be a daunting task. By securing an impressionable domain and a visually appealing web design, both can take your aspirations far. This is where comes in., as the name suggests, is one of the most versatile and popular domain registration services out there. Our experience with the […]